Pros And Cons Of Flat Roof

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Pros and cons of flat roofs

Advantages and disadvantages of flat roofs

There are plenty of types of roofs but the one which is most controversial is flat roof. Such roofs are basically used on outbuildings are large buildings. Flat roofs are very good and have several pros but on the same hand it also has its own set of issues.  Hence if you are considering flat roof as your new roofing option then you must know about them in detail. Roofing is great decision about home and you cannot take chance to make any mistake. It’s not like paint or any piece of furniture wherein if disaster happens, you can change it easily. Roofing is a big deal and hence while making the final decision, you need to make proper research and check out whether flat roof will be suitable for your residence or not. Here are some of the pros and cons of flat roof which will help you know whether you can install it at your home or not.

Pros of flat roof

One of the biggest pros of flat roof is that it is less expensive. When it comes to the materials or let’s says initial building cost or let’s says installation method, everything is just within the budget. Flat roofs are much affordable and even the maintenance of flat roof is also easy. The maintenance and upkeep of flat roof is also much easy and affordable. One of other biggest advantages of having flat roof installed in your home is that now you can make use of flat roof once it is done. You can also place your air conditioning unit on the terrace and save the indoor space. It will also make your home to look larger. You can also go for installing solar panels on your roof if you are opting for flat roofs. You can also make a roof garden on the top of the roof or you can also go for designing a living roof. The chances of using a flat roof are endless and this can be one of the greatest benefits of having flat roof in your home.

Cons of flat roof

Major disadvantage of installing flat roof is its drainage which probably lacks thereof. Flat roofs do drain properly but not as much as that of other types of roof. Hence water is having the tendency to puddle and remain just on the roof. This can lead to breakage of roofing materials and it can also lead to leaks and basically along the seams. Another con is of the lacking of the options of roofing materials. Majority of the flat roof makes use of the EPDM, TPO, rolled roofing or the bitumen. All these things are comparatively very much costly and it is also pretty much easy to install. But majority of them have very limited life of 10 to 15 years. Rubber shingles can be made available which can be installed in conjunction along with rolled rubber roofing. Many new materials are also introduced like PVC roofing, polycarbonate roofing which are designed to last for long time but they are very costly and there is no guarantee for how long they will last.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Tips

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Vinyl floor cleaned by a vacuum

Vinyl floor cleaning tips

There are varied options of flooring that is helpful for the home owners. Tile flooring, wood flooring and laminated floors are some of its examples. But one of the best types of flooring option is vinyl floors. It is versatile in nature, can be easily maintained and cleaning it is very easy and simple. Vinyl flooring trend is increasing day by day. People have started installing it because it supports and offers man y benefits that are fruitful for the home owners. Benefits such as maintaining and cleaning it, no scratch possibilities, etc. But only installing it is not the job of the home owners but cleaning it accurately is what the home owners should focus on. You should not neglect the fact of cleaning the vinyl floors is equally important as for installing it. The below stated tips proves to be fruitful for the home owners while cleaning the vinyl floors. You just need to use right type of cleaner, try hard to keep the vinyl floors clean and neat, and regularly cleaning or dusting are certain examples useful for the home owners.

Cleaning the vinyl Floors

  • Using any harsh material for cleaning the vinyl floors is strictly prohibited because in long term it might cause many damaging effects to the floors installed.
  • Do not go for using any of the harsh type of solutions which are considered to be harsh for your vinyl floors which are installed in your home. Using such type of cleaning products that sounds perfectly suitable for the vinyl floors.
  • Try to keep your floors to be neat and clean while going for maintaining your vinyl flooring. Well, it is advisable to know that the process of cleaning vinyl floors is very easy, only proper care is to be given to the floors so that it doesn’t lose its charm and beauty and the actual finish.
  • At the time of cleaning your vinyl flooring at your home don’t forget to go for removing all the soap which you have applied on your flooring. Many times we observe that because of such accumulated or remained form of soap the floor gets damaged and it effects in to getting damaging effects in to your flooring which is installed in your home.
  • You must not forget to go for preserving the sheen and the shine which is being present on the upper surface of the vinyl flooring at your home. It is common to notice that as you are going to install vinyl flooring at your home, at some point of time it is going to be faded but you need to take that thing in to account and take care that the shine of the surface of the vinyl floors stays the similar one.
  • You should understand the importance of vinyl floors. No doubt vinyl floors are available in versatile options and colors but you need to pay proper attention to its cleaning process too. Taking proper care of your vinyl floors leads in better durability and elasticity of the floors installed.



Mistakes To Avoid While Building New Home

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Mistakes to avoid while Building new home

Things to avoid while Building new home

If you are going to buy a new home, you have thought it all through, which thing would be where and how. You exactly know what you need and how you want it in your home. But have you ever thought what you don’t need or don’t want in your home. You must have been given much consideration as to what will work for you and plan the whole thing but have you ever given consideration what thing should not go wrong or if it went wrong what will happen? Extremely low budget and poor planning leads some disastrous and inconvenient mistakes which should not happen. You are building new home, you must have a look at home from all angles. While building new home, you must also consider your current and future style of living. You also need to take family planning into account while building new home. Are you going to expand your family or your children’s are going to leave your home or do have often overnight guests in your home. Take proper time and do some research before building new home. Here are some of the mistakes which should be avoided while building new home.

  • Focus on your HVAC system

Poor planning of HVAC while building new home can lead to terrible issues like moisture and mold growth. It can be the matter of concern of health. Very much careful attention should be given to the size of your HVAC units while building new home. Models which are extremely small will not be able to perform very well and not heat or cool your home properly. You will definitely regret this when you find your home too much cool in winter and too much hot in summer. This will also increase your electricity bills very much. On a contrary those which are very large will have very much energy consumption. Hence be very much conscious while buying new home.

  • Poor space planning

Unless and until you have a plan to build a very large home, space planning and proper designing is very much important while building new home. Sufficient amount of storage is very much necessary but be alert as to where your storage space is located. Decide whether you really need a walk in closet or you can utilize that space in your bedroom or for your master bathroom. Pay attention as to placement of your closet. One closet must be there in each room and one in the main hallway. These are those small little things which should be considered while building new home which are small but matters a lot.

  • Poor overall planning

When you are building new home, you must pay attention on your designing. Your designing should be according to your habits and lifestyle. You also need to decide how long you are going to stay in your home and you should go for building new home according to that. If you are staying for long term then designing should be like that and if you are going to stay for short term then you can go for casual building and designing.

Foolproof Tips For Decorating Your Home

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Decorating your homeDecorating your home is an art and just a project or work. There are many things which should be kept in mind while decorating your home. The main thing to be kept in mind while decorating your home is to pay focus on the strengths of your home and take benefit from it and also see the flaws of your home and hide with proper decorating tips and tricks. Decorating your home is not same every time, it depends upon home to home. You need to be extra careful if you are not hiring professional for decorating your home. Of course you can decorate your home yourself but take wise decisions and make your homer more beautiful by decorating it. Here are some of the tips for decorating your home.

  • Set the tone at front door

If you are intending that your home gives a great first impression, then painting the front door in a fun way is the best thing you can do. You can go for red as it considered as lucky color in many of the cultures. Front door indicated welcome and hence it should be such which people get attracted to while entering your home. Orange and yellow are also such colors which are gaining much priority as they are the colors which indicates warmth and joy. If you are having an outdated screen door then it is really very boring and you must get rid of it and replace it with a warm door which is of full length glass. It will look decorative and also stylish.

  • Keep colors of your wall light and neutral

Neutral colors are such where any type of décor will go in your home. Go for grey or white especially on the first floor as it is very much to have good flow of colors on the first floor. While decorating your home, neutral colors are the best choice as they allow you to switch your décor items at any time and it allows you to be flexible with the things. If you have two small rooms nearby then painting them with same neutral color will allow feeling your room more large. Try a shade up or down of the color you like and you can get a gentle and subtle variation from one room to another.

  • Make your sofa talk to your chairs

Furniture should be arranged in such a way that can be comfortable and can invite grouping for conversation. Think of a nice hotel lobby. Arrange your sofa and chairs in a shape like u with a sofa and two chairs facing each other at one end of the coffee table. You can also try H shape furniture setting where sofa is facing two chairs with the coffee table in the middle. Don’t stick all your furniture to the wall, many of the people do this mistake thinking that it will make your room look larger but it is not so.

5 Tips of Improving Indoor Air Quality at your Home

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Tips of Improving Indoor Air Quality at your HomeWant to have good indoor air quality at your home? Then the very much obvious tip which can help you in going for it is to open up the windows and the doors of your home. I know you might be thinking that it is considered to be the obvious one, but don’t worry there are many other tips which can be considered to be useful for you while going for improving indoor air quality at your home. Go for sharing good habits and the uses which can also help other and assist them is going for improving indoor air quality at your home. Well, there are many ways which you must go while taking the process of improving indoor air quality at your home.

The further discussion will help you in getting the assistance I the matters of going for the tips of improving indoor air quality at your home. Well, for instance let me help you out with some of the examples which can help you in going for improving indoor air quality at your home like by saying the smokers to not to smoke in to your home, maintaining your home to be tidy and clean, keeping the humidity in control for avoiding the smell of humidity, etc. and many more of the factors which you may go for considering as the tips of improving indoor air quality at your home.

Tips of improving indoor air quality at your home

  • The most common type of tips which you must go for at the time of improving indoor air quality at your home is by opening the windows and the doors of your home. It will help you home to allow all the fresh air and will let the contaminated air to be travelled out of your home.
  • Maintaining up the humidity is another way which you can go for at the time of improving indoor air quality at your home. This will help you in not letting more of suffocated air to be travelled in your home. The temperature which you must go for maintaining is 30 to 50 percentage of humidity.
  • Making and cleaning your home. If you find any of the dirty stuff in your home than it might be the possible way which can affects the indoor air circulation at your home. It is considered to be important for looking for fresh air in your home which is also good for the members of your home.
  • Go for placing more of green plants in your home so that all the contaminated air can be transferred up and you can get the availability of fresh air which is considered to be good for health. As plants are considered to be good source of air filtration which you can go for at your home.
  • If you are making more of use of perfumes and fragrant body washes or soaps than it is advisable of getting it and using less of it because it comprise of chemicals and which can spread up in whole of your home.

Tips of Flooring Used in Converting Attic into Playroom

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We all know that the extra space in our home which is present is considered to be for keeping the extra things in the home right? We never take it as a serious note which can be used properly. But that fact can be cleared in an easy manner by the following things. Well, attic space is considered to be mostly overlooked space in our home but now you can convert your attic space in to playroom for your kids. Yes, you heard it right. But there are certain things which you need to take in to account like the coloring, flooring, etc. well, there are many tips of flooring used in converting attic into playroom which you can go for in your home. This unused space can be converted into useful space for your children.

This article will help you in getting all the details regarding which is the best flooring used in converting attic into playroom. Well, there are many ways which can help you in knowing about the flooring used in converting attic into playroom like resilient flooring, wall to wall carpeting, floating floor, etc. and many more of the option which can help you in getting the details regarding flooring used in converting attic into playroom.

Tips of flooring used in converting attic into playroom

  1. Floating floor

Floating floorWell, attic space is considered to be such place whereby certain things are there which you need to take in to account like flooring. It is considered to be important factor to know about the flooring used in converting attic into playroom because attic space is being installed on the top surface of your home which are needed to be taken proper care. If you kids are going to play over there, the flooring using in converting attic into playroom must also be hard enough for dealing with the things. For this situation, floating floor is considered to be a great option. It is the combination of bamboo, vinyl, plywood, wood, etc. flooring which can be installed. It makes it more grippe and strong enough to get it done. Not only that but if floating floor is being installed on the soft floor than it may help you in cancellation of the noise which you can hard up from the attic space which is being converted into playroom.

  1. Resilient flooring

Resilient flooringAttic space is considered to be such room which is being installed in the upper surface of your home right? And if you children are going to play over there than it is going to make noise of the footsteps and many more of the things, for such situation flooring used in converting attic into playroom which you can go for is resilient flooring. Yes, it is considered to be best amongst all because it includes vinyl and linoleum combination which makes the flooring stronger and also helps the home owners in getting the voice cancellation which can be considered to be the thing of the home owners. Not only that but it is also considered to be easy to maintain it up and cleaning is also very much easy which the home owners can comply with in their home.

Ways To Clean Your Dirty Basement Floor

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Basement floor cleaningBasement is generally considered such part of home where you store your extra stuff and hence you don’t find any need to clean it regularly. When you don’t clean your basement on a regular basis, it makes your basement dirty. Floors of other part of the home would be shiny and sparkling but when it comes to basement floor, it will look dull and dirty which is not good. Thus it is really important to clean your dirty basement floor. Cleaning your dirty basement floor is not such easy thing as it is very dirty and this thing can be tiring. But if you clean your dirty basement floor the right way, it will not be that difficult. Here are some of the easy ways to clean your dirty basement floor.

  • Clean your dirty basement floor by scrubbing with cleaning solution

If you have floor and that concrete floor is extremely dirty then make a mixture of cleaning solution by adding detergent, quarter cup of ammonia into a bucket of warm water. When this cleaning solution is ready, brush this solution on the surface with a nylon brush. Make sure that the nylon brush is stiff. Make sure to not to use metallic brush as it can get trapped in rust and concrete. This would be enough to clean your dirty basement floor but if the dirt is very much stubborn then you can add up trisodium phosphate along with wash water.

  • Freshen up your smelly basement with bleach

While cleaning your dirty basement floor, you might realize some weird smell prevailing in your basement. This is because mildew resides for a longer period of time in your basement and it leaves a musty and unpleasant smell in your basement. Thus while cleaning your dirty basement floor, you must open your window, use fans to improve air circulation and if possible you should also install dehumidifier to get rid of the moisture. If this is not enough and you are still feeling some kind of fungal smell prevailing in your basement then mix up household bleach in the quantity of 1 or 2 ounces with water and fill it up in spray bottle. Spray this solution on the wall and floor all over in the basement and start5 scrubbing them nylon brush.

  • Clean your dirty basement floor by treating it with bleaching powder

One of the easiest solutions to clean your basement floor when it is smelly is to sprinkle your floor with chlorinated lime. Chlorinated lime is also known as bleaching powder. It is available anywhere in the super market. Let this bleaching powder sit on the floor for some time so that it can soak up the bad smell and all the microorganisms causing this foul smell. After some time sweep the floor or vacuum the floor. After vacuuming your floor, you must also mop your floor to make it sparkling clean. These were the easiest ways to clean your dirty basement floor.


Installation of New Roof

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installing a roofConstruction of home is not a simple thing to construct, it needs many things to be considered at the time of constructing like materials, persons to be needed while constructing, and many more matters. Roofing is another important aspect that the homeowners need to be considered at the time of construction of home. Because roof is shelter for your home and it protects the home from snow, wind, storm, rainwater, etc. many things which is taken into consideration before installing the new roof on home. Different roofing contractors have different methods and styles to construct the roof and have many materials that can be helpful for roofing. Necessary steps are required to be followed for better roofing with no problems of drainage or poor installation. This article will help you to ascertain which is necessary criteria for complying the roofing construction.


  1. Select the appropriate roofing style which will be suitable and efficient for your roof. The role of roofing contractor comes into action because contractor helps the homeowners to elect the best and appropriate methods of roofing for their home structure.


  1. The surface of the home where the roof is going to be installed must be well leveled and eligible for the roofing to be installed. All the work like flashing on the surface of the roof, leveling, detect the damages and leakages in the surface of the home. After clearing all the defects the roof can be installed on the surface of the home.


  1. The roofing contractor must collect all the materials needed for the roofing because at the time of installing the roof if the materials are not appropriate than there are odds of poor installation of roof. Even good quality materials should be used for the construction of the roof because it can increase the life of the roof installed.


  1. After completing the work of selecting the materials for the roof and applying the exact equipments for better roofing installation in home, the work of constructing the roof should be completed and placed it on the top surface of the home.


  1. Proper support of the roof must be constructed for better durable period of the roof because this back up support will help the roof to sustain more and less chances of disintegrating. Proper edges of the roof must be cut so that it does not harm the home as well as the workers working on the roof.


  1. Proper installation of roof will be very helpful for the homeowners because it will increase the durable of roof and it will last for a long period of time. at the end of installation the roof must be cleaned and made tidy so that it can be appropriate to the home.


At the end final inspection is very necessary of the roof installed because this inspection will be useful for the homeowners as well as the roofing contractors to know any defects in the installation of roofing. Proper cutting of edges, flashing, leveled surface, cleaning, detection of cracks, etc can be known if there are any of such issues. This inspection helps the contractor to rectify the mistakes and repair the remaining problems for perfect installation of r

Most Common Roofing Styles

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common roof stlesThere are many roofing styles and methods which are available in the field of constructing the roof. But there are certain methods of roofing which are very common and mostly seen in the top surface of the house of different home owners like metal roofing, asphalt roofing, wood roofing, tile roofing, etc. for the home owners who want to invest their money in the appropriate and with less expenditure, this roofing styles will be more suitable for their foundation of the home. Each and every roofing method has its advantages and is also supplied with the disadvantages. It upon the home owners which roofing method they select and opt for installing it as their home roof. The most common roofing methods and styles which are observed in the house of different people are as follows.

Common Roofing Styles:

  • Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is the most efficient roofing methods which are widely seen in the market and opt for because there ream nay advantages which are generated by installing metal roofing method as your roof. It is fire resistant and saves the interiors of the home from snow, rain water, fire, storm, etc. Metal roof is more durable in nature and can sustain for long period of life. It is not only efficient but the looks of the roof are also changes. Now colorful and stylish metal roofing is available in the market which looks more elegant on the house once it is installed. The maintenance cost of metal roofing is less as compared to other roofing methods.


  • Asphalt Roofing

It is considered to be the oldest and ancient roofing method. Asphalt roofing has the main advantage of longer life. It is durable for more than eighty years which is most preferable for the home owners who are installing asphalt roofing method in their home. Asphalt means stones; it is made up of natural components which are environment friendly in nature and does not harm or damage the environment. Asphalt roofing is expensive to be installed and must maintain properly by the home owners because its maintenance cost is also high as compared to other roofing styles.


  • Tile Roofing

Another common roofing style is tile roofing methods. These tiles are made up of natural elements such as clay and sand which does not harm the environment and is durable in nature. It is considered to be the most ancient roofing style which is still prevailing in the market and home owners also install it. There are different structures and patterns available with fascinating colors which increase the thrust of installing it in the roof by the home owners. Tile roofing style keeps the home cooler in hot temperatures and maintains the temperature of the home when it is winter.


  • Shingles Roofing

Shingle roofing style is other roofing method which is most common and seen o n the top surface of the home. Shingles like wood, slate, tiles, metal, etc are used to place it on the surface of the roof and made it fix which does not let the water or any drainage to flow and damage the interiors of the home. This roofing style last for a long period of time which is beneficial to the home owners.

Different types of enclosures

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types of enclosuresHome or patio enclosures especially can be many and varied. The enclosures are mostly needed to store the valuables away from pests or insects while many use enclosures as a sage storage for their wheels as well.


The solarium or sun porch is one of the most common home enclosures and some of them even include screen rooms or patio awnings. The most stylish solariums are designed with an all-glass look to create the perfect edgy feel. The glass design ensures a beautiful outside view while the attached safety lock system confirms complete security. Some of the sun rooms are also made of aluminum & vinyl framing.

Deck railings

The deck railings are the most fitting choice, if you are looking for practicality, staying in tune with ornamentation. These enclosures are mostly aluminum coated and hence assure little maintenance. You will find the patio railings in different shades, however the white and black railings are the most popular. The deck railings usually interlock creating a form of safety guardrail which is great if you have pets at home.

Patio covers

Then you have the patio covers with skylights that permit extra light inside creating a fresh feel inside. The patio covers could be roof-mounted & are available in different angled designs.

Retractable patio awnings

The retractable awning is another very popular home enclosure. The retractable option confirms a flexible use- you can use it for protection and shade on a sunny noon while you can also pull it back for good light while not needed. Besides, installing the retractable awning is an easy affair & won’t require poles.


Carports, as the name suggests, are specially meant to ensure a safety shield for your car. You will find weather-resistant carports that are designed to guard your vehicle from extreme weather conditions like torrential rain or heavy snowfall.