What is blue lumber?

June 30, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Construction Material

Facts about Blue Lumber, Blue LumberFor building houses, lumber is often colored with the shade of the homeowner’s preference, but blue lumber is not just colored blue. The lumber is treated and is called bluwood as well. Bluwood is actually a wood protection process where a blue film is coated over the wood to protect it from seepages and also from termite and other insect attack. Blue lumber comes pretreated and can be nailed, sawed, cut and structured just like any other wood. Because of the quick milling process that occurs these days, wood is prone to lose moisture and cupping, splitting and curling. Blue lumber has a vapor barrier and an insecticide coating that prevents any of these from happening. Hence blue lumber is very effective for the framing of houses as it gives a strong protection from insects and termites as well as against natural wear and tear.

So if you want a beautiful blue house that attracts everyone’s eyes and give you a relaxed house maintenance scheme, choose the unique blue lumber.

Choice of flooring for your bathroom

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Material of the bathroom flooring, bathroom floorsChoosing the material of the bathroom flooring is quite a tough decision to make. You will have to look at every option you have while selecting the flooring for your home. The flooring of the bathroom always remains wet and thus you need a material that does not get stained and the water is removed easily from it. You have quite a bit option to select from. First are the natural stone tiles. These are good to go for as water does not stand on it and is not stained with water marks. It can be costly according to the quality of the stone. The second option you have is the ceramic tiles. These tiles are available in various designs and can be best for your bathroom. They do not get stained and is also affordable. You can also go for hard wood flooring. It gives a good look to your bathroom but it requires an expert for installation and can be costly. So select your flooring material wisely seeing your pocket well.

5 precautions to take before painting your home

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Tips to paint home, home painting tipsHome is a very special entity in every one’s life. It is the need of life for all. Everyone wants to decorate their home. The best way to decorate one’s home is to paint it with the coveted colour, designs and patterns. Preparations are made days ahead before the painting in order to pave a smooth way, free of obstacles and problem.

The five most imperative precautions to be taken pre painting your home may be described as below:

1) Formulate your budget and understand the purpose of your painting.
2) Discuss with the family or room members and surmise the colour, pattern and designs and suitable dates of painting.
3) Contact a paint company and frisk their costs to appoint the best one, after that fix the dates of painting.
4) Make the contract after sifting through the rules & regulations of the paint company and frisking through the quality of materials offered and served are the same.
5) Make the necessary changes in the to-be painted house.

Go green with eco kit homes

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Eco kit homes, green homesEco kit homes are factory-made homes that the purchaser builds by assembling themselves by using processes and building materials that are green. Building eco kit homes have many financial incentives and many environmental advantages. Eco kit homes are a cost effective option when comes to building a new house that manages to act as both simple to construct yourself and environmental friendly.

The owners of eco kit homes receive both the required materials and the building plan for their eco friendly home as soon as they place their order. This lowers the material wastage as well as the money involved in unnecessary building materials disposal. The building materials for eco kit homes provided by the manufacturing companies are as green as possible. Moreover the companies producing eco kit homes processes the materials by complying with building practices that are environmentally sound. Eco kit homes are designed to consume reduced energy to go on benefiting the environment.

Where to find cost effective garden sheds

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Meterials for garden shed, garden decorA shed is a single storey simple structure on an allotment that utilized for storage, workshop or hobbies or in the back garden. Sheds vary in sized and range from wooden farm large sheds that have shingled roofs, electric outlets and windows to open sided tin roofed small structure. These kinds of sheds include tool sheds and tool sheds. These sheds are used to store lawn mowers and garden tools. You can use different metals for the construction of garden sheds. Some of the various kinds of sheds are metal sheds, plastic sheds asbestos sheds, vinyl sided sheds, and wooden sheds. The cost of the installation of garden shed hugely depends on the size, design and the material used.

You can make your own garden shed with the shed kit. There are many online websites which facilitate purchase and installation of inexpensive garden sheds. Many departmental stores, carpentry outlets, home improvement centers sell garden sheds. You can also buy it from discount merchants.

Maintaining vinyl siding

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Maintain Vinyl Sidings, home improvement tipsVinyl siding is generally maintenance free, but everything that is exposed to the environment is always prone to get dirty. There are a few steps involved in maintaining the vinyl siding.

Firstly you must rinse the vinyl siding with water using a garden hose or a spray handle with a low pressure setting. Then clean the spaces that don’t get cleaned by rinsing with a cloth pad or a soft brush. You can also use cleanser with water if need be. You may require an extension handle that is long for your second story. You must ensure that you use a biodegradable cleansing agent so that the grass and plants remain unaffected. You can use bleach and water for stubborn stains.

While cleaning you must always follow the bottom to top method. You must shield the siding on that side of your house that has trees, plants etc. otherwise the siding will warp. If there is any damaged siding you should ensure replacement. One tip that you must always remember is that you should never mix cleaning agents with bleach specially that have ammonia.

Building a shed door

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Tips for building a building a shed door, construction tipsWhile building a shed you must consider building a shed door which is not at all a very difficult task if follow some very basic and elementary rules and steps. Before just starting to build your shed door, you must be sure enough regarding the exact size measurement required otherwise it may show some problems while opening and closing the door. Proper care should be taken to ensure that the shed doors are strong enough since it is used the most.

While building a shed, it is always advisable to leave sufficient space to ease the building of shed doors of enough size so that in near future you don’t have to face any problem while moving in or out any large size things. Once you have taken the correct measurement with respect to both the vertical and the horizontal, mark them on the door and start cutting with proper tools. While this process is on keep on tallying the size of the door with the storage shed. Once this is done properly tour shed door is ready to be fitted and to be used to serve its purpose.

Garden office buildings: what are they?

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Garden office, home officeGarden office buildings have become a very common trend for many people in todays’ world who wants to work from home. You may wish to work from home to avoid the daily journey, or you may want to start a new business and for that what you need is your laptop and cell phone. You can efficiently turn your garden space into your office.

This trend ensures proper usage of your home space. Suppose you have a moderately big garden where you have a timber shade. You can call the technicians to change this place into your office. You can see some of the designs in net and even you can order online the companies to decorate your space. Once you assign them, they will bring fresh timber wood, the fixtures, the structures required, the ground, everything will be constructed by them and your own home office will be ready.

How to deal with your building inspector

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Home inspection, home buying tipsHome inspection is a very advantageous thing and also a must for a buyer. Here I will discuss the matter from the viewpoints of both the buyers and the sellers. If you are a buyer, home inspection is very helpful for you as then you can understand the quality of the house in which you will invest a considerable part of your money. Home inspector studies every nook and corner of the house like: the paints, the basic structure of the house, the materials used to build the house, the area of the house to see whether the building is illegal or not, the electrical system, the heating system, the sewerage system, the drainage system, the leakages or any gaps in the house, the proper size of the doors and windows. Each and every corner of the house will be inspected in details which will help you to estimate the quality of the house. If the home inspector gives a positive report then you can safely buy the house. You will be safe from the deception of the seller.

Now let us discuss it from the viewpoint of a seller. If you are a seller then by no chance you can escape it. If you hesitate to allow home inspection then it will alert your buyer and if negative result comes out then also you will lose the deal on your house. So the best way is to repair the damaged portions of the house and thus not letting the inspector to issue a bad remark on your house. It will be fair and good way to repair your house before you plan to sell it.

Cavity wall insulation: what is it?

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Cavity wall insulation, wall care tipsBy the help of cavity wall insulation, you will be able to reduce the loss through the cavities of your wall, as the air space will be filled up with a material that is porous. This process will immobilize the air that is staying within the cavities of the wall. This will keep help you keep away from convection and then toy will be able to prevent the loss of heat in a sustainable way.

When the new buildings are constructed, the cavities of the walls are mostly filled up with glass fiber or sometime panels of rock wool. However, there are a number of other materials for building insulation as well. Many buildings may sue materials like cellulose for the purpose of insulation. The material can be blown into the space through holes that are drilled suitably and they will fit the entire apace of the wall. Therefore, cavity insulation can be very useful for your walls.