Build A Tree house This Summer

February 28, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Construction Tips

Tree house, construction tipsA tree house is a great addition to your home and is greatly looked for by the young ones. If you are looking forward to do something special for your loved ones you could always put some effort in your vacation and build your children a tree house. When planning to build a tree house a proper mature and strong tree is needed to be selected. Then a blueprint of the plan requires to be worked out with perfect detailing and material requirements kept in mind.

The materials to be used must be eco friendly to the core. Preferably the materials used are recycled home building goods and salted lumber is a great choice. Once the platform is built, the structural integrity should be well tested before putting up walls and a roof. Over time also the tree house and the structure of the tree should be checked and repairs made if required. Access to the tree house is mostly by rope ladders or wooden ladders to give it a natural feel.