How to construct a barbeque pit

April 18, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Construction Tips

barbeque pit, construction tipsIf you are a foodie and love barbeque, put up a barbeque pit at your house. Constructing a barbeque is not difficult at all.
You will require a measuring tape, a leveler, a shovel, a hand tamp, a grill top, water, dry mortar, gravel, a grill top, metal braces and bricks. First, mark the area where you want your barbeque pit. Then, dig a pit. Then, level the area using the hand tamp. You need to make the bricks wet. Spread gravel inside the pit and level it. Next, mix the dry mortar with water and do not let it go dry. Put a layer of the wet mortar on the gravel and level it. Place the cinder blocks on the mortar and level them using the leveler. Put the mortar on the blocks and place the bricks and make the wall. At last, place the metal braces on the bricks using the mortar.