Avoiding Home Improvement Scams

December 29, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Construction

Home Improvement ScamsWith the very poor economy conditions scams about everything are everywhere. Home improvement is one such thing where there is a scope for money to take you off guard to his own advantage. There are a whole lot of excuses and scam techniques which are used by these scamsters. Some of them are:

There are times when a person just comes randomly knocking at your doorstep telling you how he has been working in the neighbourhood and seen that your house is in complete shackles and how a little improvement from here and there might make it as good as new. This is a complete scam and never make the mistake of falling for it.
There are times when your house contractor (not known and in most cases someone knew who you haven’t worked with before) asks for the money in full amount before the work is been started. This is a sign enough to realise that it is a scam. Usually contractors do take an amount before starting the work to buy the supplies but this amount should not exceed more than one third of the entire amount that has been agreed on.

Sometimes people come with a ‘one time offer only madam’ scam. This is where they tell you that they are giving off land or houses renovations and renewal in a much lesser amount compared to others and will therefore charge the money beforehand and offer is only for that day. Never fall for it; ask for evidence about the sales they have made and everything else and moreover never pay the amount.
Other ways of reducing these scams is never sign a document before reading it completely. Never also sign a document which has a lot of empty spaces which is told to be filled after you are done reading the document.