Vinyl Floor Cleaning Tips

November 15, 2016  //  Posted by: Lucy  //  Category: Flooring
Vinyl floor cleaned by a vacuum

Vinyl floor cleaning tips

There are varied options of flooring that is helpful for the home owners. Tile flooring, wood flooring and laminated floors are some of its examples. But one of the best types of flooring option is vinyl floors. It is versatile in nature, can be easily maintained and cleaning it is very easy and simple. Vinyl flooring trend is increasing day by day. People have started installing it because it supports and offers man y benefits that are fruitful for the home owners. Benefits such as maintaining and cleaning it, no scratch possibilities, etc. But only installing it is not the job of the home owners but cleaning it accurately is what the home owners should focus on. You should not neglect the fact of cleaning the vinyl floors is equally important as for installing it. The below stated tips proves to be fruitful for the home owners while cleaning the vinyl floors. You just need to use right type of cleaner, try hard to keep the vinyl floors clean and neat, and regularly cleaning or dusting are certain examples useful for the home owners.

Cleaning the vinyl Floors

  • Using any harsh material for cleaning the vinyl floors is strictly prohibited because in long term it might cause many damaging effects to the floors installed.
  • Do not go for using any of the harsh type of solutions which are considered to be harsh for your vinyl floors which are installed in your home. Using such type of cleaning products that sounds perfectly suitable for the vinyl floors.
  • Try to keep your floors to be neat and clean while going for maintaining your vinyl flooring. Well, it is advisable to know that the process of cleaning vinyl floors is very easy, only proper care is to be given to the floors so that it doesn’t lose its charm and beauty and the actual finish.
  • At the time of cleaning your vinyl flooring at your home don’t forget to go for removing all the soap which you have applied on your flooring. Many times we observe that because of such accumulated or remained form of soap the floor gets damaged and it effects in to getting damaging effects in to your flooring which is installed in your home.
  • You must not forget to go for preserving the sheen and the shine which is being present on the upper surface of the vinyl flooring at your home. It is common to notice that as you are going to install vinyl flooring at your home, at some point of time it is going to be faded but you need to take that thing in to account and take care that the shine of the surface of the vinyl floors stays the similar one.
  • You should understand the importance of vinyl floors. No doubt vinyl floors are available in versatile options and colors but you need to pay proper attention to its cleaning process too. Taking proper care of your vinyl floors leads in better durability and elasticity of the floors installed.



Tips of Flooring Used in Converting Attic into Playroom

June 21, 2016  //  Posted by: Lucy  //  Category: Flooring

We all know that the extra space in our home which is present is considered to be for keeping the extra things in the home right? We never take it as a serious note which can be used properly. But that fact can be cleared in an easy manner by the following things. Well, attic space is considered to be mostly overlooked space in our home but now you can convert your attic space in to playroom for your kids. Yes, you heard it right. But there are certain things which you need to take in to account like the coloring, flooring, etc. well, there are many tips of flooring used in converting attic into playroom which you can go for in your home. This unused space can be converted into useful space for your children.

This article will help you in getting all the details regarding which is the best flooring used in converting attic into playroom. Well, there are many ways which can help you in knowing about the flooring used in converting attic into playroom like resilient flooring, wall to wall carpeting, floating floor, etc. and many more of the option which can help you in getting the details regarding flooring used in converting attic into playroom.

Tips of flooring used in converting attic into playroom

  1. Floating floor

Floating floorWell, attic space is considered to be such place whereby certain things are there which you need to take in to account like flooring. It is considered to be important factor to know about the flooring used in converting attic into playroom because attic space is being installed on the top surface of your home which are needed to be taken proper care. If you kids are going to play over there, the flooring using in converting attic into playroom must also be hard enough for dealing with the things. For this situation, floating floor is considered to be a great option. It is the combination of bamboo, vinyl, plywood, wood, etc. flooring which can be installed. It makes it more grippe and strong enough to get it done. Not only that but if floating floor is being installed on the soft floor than it may help you in cancellation of the noise which you can hard up from the attic space which is being converted into playroom.

  1. Resilient flooring

Resilient flooringAttic space is considered to be such room which is being installed in the upper surface of your home right? And if you children are going to play over there than it is going to make noise of the footsteps and many more of the things, for such situation flooring used in converting attic into playroom which you can go for is resilient flooring. Yes, it is considered to be best amongst all because it includes vinyl and linoleum combination which makes the flooring stronger and also helps the home owners in getting the voice cancellation which can be considered to be the thing of the home owners. Not only that but it is also considered to be easy to maintain it up and cleaning is also very much easy which the home owners can comply with in their home.

Revamping the Shine of Your Marble Floor

December 11, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Flooring

Tips to maintain marble flooring, floor maintenanceMarble is one of the most beautiful materials which can be used in home when it comes to flooring options. With proper care and maintenance, you can make your marble floors look as good as new for years to come. Cleaning and polishing your marble floor is basically the most important part of the whole maintenance process. What you need to do regularly is use a soft cotton cloth, some warm water and simple soap solution to keep the surface clean.

Vacuum clean it everyday and do the cloth-water cleaning twice every week. Buy a marble polishing solution or grease. You need to use this once every 2 to 3 months to keep the shine alive. Marble gets stained easily and absorbs materials faster than moist types of flooring so make sure that if there’s a stain you clean it up fast before it starts seeping in and leave s a permanent stain.

Going green with natural stone flooring

December 06, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Flooring

natural stone flooring, flooringStone floorings are from the past and it’s the future of flooring. Stones are natural and it’s a good option for flooring. Cost wise the stone flooring option will be bit high, so most of the homeowners are not going for it. But natural stone floors are low maintenance, long lasting and the floor maintains the high quality finish for a long time. In you think of our world’s reducing natural resources then natural flooring the only option for future homes. Some of the natural stones good for flooring are Granite, Marble and Slate.

Some pros and cons of natural stone flooring…

• Looks very elegant and fits in any space.
• The stones last for a very long time.
• Less maintenance needed.
• The cost of the stone itself and laying will be on bit expensive side

The environmental impact of natural stones is less compared to other flooring materials. Choose a good stone flooring for your home.

Picking the perfect natural stone flooring

November 21, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Flooring

natural stone flooring, flooringIt is true that houses are not built or bought every day. They are bought after comprehensive probing. In the present day, buying a house is considered rightly to be as one of the largest investments. Therefore one should make an effort to fix the in house materials aptly. The In-house materials and equipments may be the lights, curtains, fans, paint colors and most importantly the flooring. All other things may be fixed time and again, but it is not possible always to get the flooring set again and again.

Modern floorings are often seen to be made out of stones. Stone flooring are hard, readily available in the market and last long if proper care is taken. Stones have a particular beauty intact. They not only are good for their price but also elevate the beauty of the entire house. Search the market to see the various types of stone flooring before you decide to buy and use one.

Laminating your attic floor

August 23, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Flooring

Floor Laminating, flooringHere are a few steps that you need to follow in order to laminate the floor of your attic. The first thing that you have to do is get the subfloor prepared. This is the floor on which the installation of the laminate will be done.

Therefore, preparation of this floor is very important. the next thing that you have to do is make a determination of the amount of floor that you need. You have to take the measurement of the width and length of your attic room where you will be installing the room. The next step would be to determine the direction in which the floor would be laid. The planks of the floor should be laid parallel to each other. When you have taken carte of the above mentioned steps, you can start with the job of getting the floor laminated. These are the steps that you have to take.

Choice of flooring for your bathroom

June 29, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Flooring

Material of the bathroom flooring, bathroom floorsChoosing the material of the bathroom flooring is quite a tough decision to make. You will have to look at every option you have while selecting the flooring for your home. The flooring of the bathroom always remains wet and thus you need a material that does not get stained and the water is removed easily from it. You have quite a bit option to select from. First are the natural stone tiles. These are good to go for as water does not stand on it and is not stained with water marks. It can be costly according to the quality of the stone. The second option you have is the ceramic tiles. These tiles are available in various designs and can be best for your bathroom. They do not get stained and is also affordable. You can also go for hard wood flooring. It gives a good look to your bathroom but it requires an expert for installation and can be costly. So select your flooring material wisely seeing your pocket well.