An idea about green construction

September 14, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Green Construction

green constructionThe world at this moment is facing the biggest threat related to the environment. The environment is continuously degrading leading to the melting of glaciers and subsequent rise of sea level. Thus efforts are on to protect the environment and maintain a balance between all the components of the environment. Thus everything has become now days. By the word green, we mean eco friendliness of the particular thing. Even the construction procedure has become green or eco friendly. Starting from the construction procedure to the materials used for construction, everything has become eco friendly or green.

Due to the huge technological development, all the materials used for construction are now completely eco friendly or green. The materials are made from environment friendly items and even enough care is taken during the manufacturing of the construction materials so that it doesn’t harm the environment much. So if you also contribute in the protection of the environment, so make sure that while buying the construction materials you check whether it is environment friendly or not.

Following the advancement of the technology, the equipments used during construction procedure are also eco friendly. The equipments are calibrated in such way that they release least amount of smoke or other dust particles. Thus there is little or no chance of degradation of the environment. You can very easily use these equipments for construction even in the residential area. Also the power consumption of the construction procedure these days have decreased steadily. Thus it is definitely a greatest achievement towards environment protection. Also alternate sources of energies are now days used to run the construction procedure. So before you start any construction procedure, you can do a little research work on how make the construction completely green.

Make your house an environment friendly home

June 11, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Green Construction

environment friendly homeGo green is the latest slogan that is going around the word. The earth needs humans to protect it from getting damaged and it is your job to make sure that you do your part to safe your planet. You can use some tips to make your home an eco friendly home. Here are some tips that you can use in your home to make it eco friendly.

You can set up a water reservoir in your terrace. This reservoir can store the rain water. You can use this rain water in your daily use like for gardening etc. Thus you can save water.

·         You can setup a solar geyser to heat the water. This will ensure that you save electricity.

·         Setting up solar cells in your home can be costly but it could do wonders to the environment as well as save your electricity bill.

So use these few ways to help the environment become pollution free.

How to make your home construction eco-friendly

June 02, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Green Construction

eco homes, eco home constructionEnvironmental issue is the hot cake in the whole world now. Every people are now looking for doing their own part towards the protection of the environment. This very concept has its effects in all part of our daily life.

These days, people even resort to eco friendly ideas and methods while construction their home. Now, you must be wondering how you can make your home construction eco friendly. Well, it is not a very difficult thing if you abide by some few simple rules.

First of all make sure that the materials you use for the construction purpose are completely environment friendly. Those materials should not in any way cause harm to the environment. Also adopt environmental friendly ways for the construction. The machines and equipments should not release too much of smoke.

You can also make arrangements so that the all the electrical energy necessary for the construction process is harnessed from the solar energy thereby contributing to the protection of the environment.

Green building options for you

July 18, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Green Construction

Green building, green construction tipsGreen buildings are the latest invention to combat heat, save the environment and also to fight the rising high costs of houses. Our sensitivity towards toxins is also a rising reason to switch to green buildings. The rising prices of oil and natural gas have triggered the thought process of conserving energy. Saving energy is a big concern and several steps have been taken and also implemented in order to conserve energy and green buildings construction is one of them.

It has been found that constructors are also keen to build green houses. One can make houses greener in many ways, the use of natural non-toxic materials are the best of them. Reducing energy and water waste, implementation of energy sources and reusing materials can be ideal form of green house construction practice. Those involved in the construction business may suffer losses but one should remember that if the environment gets polluted and the air we breathe contaminated even they will be affected adversely. Hence if seen in a long format going green is best.

Go green with eco kit homes

June 27, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Green Construction

Eco kit homes, green homesEco kit homes are factory-made homes that the purchaser builds by assembling themselves by using processes and building materials that are green. Building eco kit homes have many financial incentives and many environmental advantages. Eco kit homes are a cost effective option when comes to building a new house that manages to act as both simple to construct yourself and environmental friendly.

The owners of eco kit homes receive both the required materials and the building plan for their eco friendly home as soon as they place their order. This lowers the material wastage as well as the money involved in unnecessary building materials disposal. The building materials for eco kit homes provided by the manufacturing companies are as green as possible. Moreover the companies producing eco kit homes processes the materials by complying with building practices that are environmentally sound. Eco kit homes are designed to consume reduced energy to go on benefiting the environment.

Framing your green house

June 20, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Green Construction

Green living tips, environmental friendly homesYou have known that the color green is the symbol of peace. So, a green environment makes your mind stable. The color green is very tender and thus has a soothing effect on the mind. The most easy and effective way to enhance the greenery of the atmosphere is to nurture as many trees as you can which will make the atmospheric air fresh. Thus the home will become environmental friendly. Use a green cleaner which has the biodegradable quality and has no chemical. Reject the rubber sponges which are old and instead use sea sponges. It is advisable to go for the natural soaps. Try to give up your smoking habits at your earliest.

Fluorescent lightings are also essential for usage. Minimize using the plastic bags. Try to save water which will save lot of energy wand will make you to go green. Organic drapes, bedding and clothes are advisable for usage. Reuse the old or the new newspapers after you read them. Recycling the papers and trying to maintain the appliances saving energy is a good method. Try to save more electricity by trying to go for alternative for example candles. Thus using the naturally made products you can keep your surrounding and also your apartment green.