Mistakes To Avoid While Building New Home

October 25, 2016  //  Posted by: Buildcon Inc  //  Category: Home Construction
Mistakes to avoid while Building new home

Things to avoid while Building new home

If you are going to buy a new home, you have thought it all through, which thing would be where and how. You exactly know what you need and how you want it in your home. But have you ever thought what you don’t need or don’t want in your home. You must have been given much consideration as to what will work for you and plan the whole thing but have you ever given consideration what thing should not go wrong or if it went wrong what will happen? Extremely low budget and poor planning leads some disastrous and inconvenient mistakes which should not happen. You are building new home, you must have a look at home from all angles. While building new home, you must also consider your current and future style of living. You also need to take family planning into account while building new home. Are you going to expand your family or your children’s are going to leave your home or do have often overnight guests in your home. Take proper time and do some research before building new home. Here are some of the mistakes which should be avoided while building new home.

  • Focus on your HVAC system

Poor planning of HVAC while building new home can lead to terrible issues like moisture and mold growth. It can be the matter of concern of health. Very much careful attention should be given to the size of your HVAC units while building new home. Models which are extremely small will not be able to perform very well and not heat or cool your home properly. You will definitely regret this when you find your home too much cool in winter and too much hot in summer. This will also increase your electricity bills very much. On a contrary those which are very large will have very much energy consumption. Hence be very much conscious while buying new home.

  • Poor space planning

Unless and until you have a plan to build a very large home, space planning and proper designing is very much important while building new home. Sufficient amount of storage is very much necessary but be alert as to where your storage space is located. Decide whether you really need a walk in closet or you can utilize that space in your bedroom or for your master bathroom. Pay attention as to placement of your closet. One closet must be there in each room and one in the main hallway. These are those small little things which should be considered while building new home which are small but matters a lot.

  • Poor overall planning

When you are building new home, you must pay attention on your designing. Your designing should be according to your habits and lifestyle. You also need to decide how long you are going to stay in your home and you should go for building new home according to that. If you are staying for long term then designing should be like that and if you are going to stay for short term then you can go for casual building and designing.

Avoiding Home Improvement Scams

December 29, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Construction

Home Improvement ScamsWith the very poor economy conditions scams about everything are everywhere. Home improvement is one such thing where there is a scope for money to take you off guard to his own advantage. There are a whole lot of excuses and scam techniques which are used by these scamsters. Some of them are:

There are times when a person just comes randomly knocking at your doorstep telling you how he has been working in the neighbourhood and seen that your house is in complete shackles and how a little improvement from here and there might make it as good as new. This is a complete scam and never make the mistake of falling for it.
There are times when your house contractor (not known and in most cases someone knew who you haven’t worked with before) asks for the money in full amount before the work is been started. This is a sign enough to realise that it is a scam. Usually contractors do take an amount before starting the work to buy the supplies but this amount should not exceed more than one third of the entire amount that has been agreed on.

Sometimes people come with a ‘one time offer only madam’ scam. This is where they tell you that they are giving off land or houses renovations and renewal in a much lesser amount compared to others and will therefore charge the money beforehand and offer is only for that day. Never fall for it; ask for evidence about the sales they have made and everything else and moreover never pay the amount.
Other ways of reducing these scams is never sign a document before reading it completely. Never also sign a document which has a lot of empty spaces which is told to be filled after you are done reading the document.

How to convert your garage into a store house

October 24, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Construction

garage into a store houseIf you have a garage that you can spare then the best way to utilize that extra room is to change it into a store room that can be used to store the extra stuffs that clutter around the house.

Here are a few tips that can be used to successfully change your garage into a store house:

  • Give your garage a thorough cleaning. If you need to store things, you need to store them in a clean place.
  • After the garage has been cleaned bring out your tool kit and make shelves lining all the three walls of your garage to make storage easier. This can be done by calling in a local professional as well.
  • Make sure you keep a fire extinguisher handy in your new storage house to avoid any fires. Fires that burn down rooms which are stacked with stored up materials as most of them are highly inflammable in nature.

Helpful tips in planning a new home

September 07, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Construction

Buy homes, home building tipsIf you are planning on getting a new home, there are many factors to choose. Your needs would decide what kind of home you need. If you are married, with children or if you live alone-these are the factors which you need to consider. So when you move into a new home, the size, furniture and the décor should match your need and taste. Always check the neighborhood before you move in. talk to your prospective neighbors and ask about neighborhood security as well.

Your home should be close to grocery stores, hardware and electrical stores, the mall, and medicine stores. Make sure that good transport is available to travel to office, school and other important places. While talking about the house itself, make sure that the security of the house is complete with locks, alarms and whatever else you need. Heck the plumbing, walls, age of the woodwork and the electrical connections before you sign the deal.

Building a shed door

June 24, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Construction

Tips for building a building a shed door, construction tipsWhile building a shed you must consider building a shed door which is not at all a very difficult task if follow some very basic and elementary rules and steps. Before just starting to build your shed door, you must be sure enough regarding the exact size measurement required otherwise it may show some problems while opening and closing the door. Proper care should be taken to ensure that the shed doors are strong enough since it is used the most.

While building a shed, it is always advisable to leave sufficient space to ease the building of shed doors of enough size so that in near future you don’t have to face any problem while moving in or out any large size things. Once you have taken the correct measurement with respect to both the vertical and the horizontal, mark them on the door and start cutting with proper tools. While this process is on keep on tallying the size of the door with the storage shed. Once this is done properly tour shed door is ready to be fitted and to be used to serve its purpose.