5 Tips of Improving Indoor Air Quality at your Home

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Tips of Improving Indoor Air Quality at your HomeWant to have good indoor air quality at your home? Then the very much obvious tip which can help you in going for it is to open up the windows and the doors of your home. I know you might be thinking that it is considered to be the obvious one, but don’t worry there are many other tips which can be considered to be useful for you while going for improving indoor air quality at your home. Go for sharing good habits and the uses which can also help other and assist them is going for improving indoor air quality at your home. Well, there are many ways which you must go while taking the process of improving indoor air quality at your home.

The further discussion will help you in getting the assistance I the matters of going for the tips of improving indoor air quality at your home. Well, for instance let me help you out with some of the examples which can help you in going for improving indoor air quality at your home like by saying the smokers to not to smoke in to your home, maintaining your home to be tidy and clean, keeping the humidity in control for avoiding the smell of humidity, etc. and many more of the factors which you may go for considering as the tips of improving indoor air quality at your home.

Tips of improving indoor air quality at your home

  • The most common type of tips which you must go for at the time of improving indoor air quality at your home is by opening the windows and the doors of your home. It will help you home to allow all the fresh air and will let the contaminated air to be travelled out of your home.
  • Maintaining up the humidity is another way which you can go for at the time of improving indoor air quality at your home. This will help you in not letting more of suffocated air to be travelled in your home. The temperature which you must go for maintaining is 30 to 50 percentage of humidity.
  • Making and cleaning your home. If you find any of the dirty stuff in your home than it might be the possible way which can affects the indoor air circulation at your home. It is considered to be important for looking for fresh air in your home which is also good for the members of your home.
  • Go for placing more of green plants in your home so that all the contaminated air can be transferred up and you can get the availability of fresh air which is considered to be good for health. As plants are considered to be good source of air filtration which you can go for at your home.
  • If you are making more of use of perfumes and fragrant body washes or soaps than it is advisable of getting it and using less of it because it comprise of chemicals and which can spread up in whole of your home.

Different types of enclosures

March 07, 2014  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Indoor Construction

types of enclosuresHome or patio enclosures especially can be many and varied. The enclosures are mostly needed to store the valuables away from pests or insects while many use enclosures as a sage storage for their wheels as well.


The solarium or sun porch is one of the most common home enclosures and some of them even include screen rooms or patio awnings. The most stylish solariums are designed with an all-glass look to create the perfect edgy feel. The glass design ensures a beautiful outside view while the attached safety lock system confirms complete security. Some of the sun rooms are also made of aluminum & vinyl framing.

Deck railings

The deck railings are the most fitting choice, if you are looking for practicality, staying in tune with ornamentation. These enclosures are mostly aluminum coated and hence assure little maintenance. You will find the patio railings in different shades, however the white and black railings are the most popular. The deck railings usually interlock creating a form of safety guardrail which is great if you have pets at home.

Patio covers

Then you have the patio covers with skylights that permit extra light inside creating a fresh feel inside. The patio covers could be roof-mounted & are available in different angled designs.

Retractable patio awnings

The retractable awning is another very popular home enclosure. The retractable option confirms a flexible use- you can use it for protection and shade on a sunny noon while you can also pull it back for good light while not needed. Besides, installing the retractable awning is an easy affair & won’t require poles.


Carports, as the name suggests, are specially meant to ensure a safety shield for your car. You will find weather-resistant carports that are designed to guard your vehicle from extreme weather conditions like torrential rain or heavy snowfall.

Advantages of granite worktops

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granite worktopsAre you on a plan to remodel your culinary space and looking for the right countertop option? Well, the home improvement market features a wide gamut of worktop options but if you are in quest of the best possible result- settle with the granite countertop. It’s to be stressed here that granite worktop are a big favorite of the interior designers given the several advantages offered by the stone.

To start with, granite is always a classy choice. It echoes the rich taste of the homeowner assuring a glam quotient for your kitchen. Most importantly, granite is a very durable option and would last for years. It doesn’t lose out on its value over time enabling you to relish the same optimum results even after years.

Granite worktop is also heat-proof. Heat is unavoidable in kitchen and so granite makes a perfect choice for your countertop. You can easily place a steaming pot on the granite surface sans the fear of it getting damaged. Besides, granite is stain resistant and scratch proof as well. Thus, it won’t be affected by soot issues and you are free to carry on all your chopping and cutting activities easily on the granite surface.

Another vital thing about granite is that it’s very sanitary by nature. You won’t need to worry here regarding any sort of bacteria contamination or mold & mildew growth on its surface. Granite stays unfazed with continuous splashes in your kitchen.

Moreover, granite ensures a simple cleaning and maintenance routine. You just need warm water & mild detergent to clean up your granite countertop. There is no need to opt for the pricey cleaning solutions here.

Now, yes, granite countertop is a costly option but when you look at the advantages the expensive factor seems actually worthy.