Repairing your stone wall: some easy tips

May 06, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Repairs & renovations

Repairing your stone wallIf you have stone wall in your house, then you should take proper care of it. Maintaining a stone wall properly is a very important thing that you should consider doing. Many times you may come across problems regarding cracks and damages in your stone wall. In that case you should take immediate steps to repair the damages in your stone wall.

There are many ways in which you can repair your stone wall. Prior to the repairing, you need to find out the reasons or the causes of the damage. If the damage is nothing serious and a small one, then you simply repair it by applying some sort of adhesive or pudding. Normally color blends are also available to match the color and texture of your stone wall.

However in case of a deep and grave damage and cracks, you need to take help of some expert as you can’t repair it on your own. A separate mixture has to be prepared that is applied in the crack to fill it up. Preparing the mixture is very difficult as a simple mistake can make destroy the complete mixture. Once the crack is filled, you may need to go for a polishing or a coat of paint on the wall.

Tips To Fix Splitting Wood

January 29, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Repairs & renovations

Fix Splitting Wood, home careWhenever you find that wood has started splitting in any of the wood articles, be it chair, table or your staircase, you become very worried and start thinking of replacing that particular thing. Well this is exactly not the thing you should do as splitting wood doesn’t always imply that the particular was damaged. Sometime due to expansion or contraction resulting due to temperature change can give rise to splitting wood.

You can very easily fix the splitting wood by the use of some of the strong adhesive which can keep the split wooden parts together for long. You can get such adhesives in any of the leading hardware stores. You should follow the particular applying instructions of the adhesives otherwise they may not work properly. So you can fix the split wooden parts by pinning them up. This will also fix the wooden parts. Even if after pinning the split parts, if they are varnished properly, then no one can make out that they are split wooden parts.

How to smoothen out rough edges of a door

August 15, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Repairs & renovations

Door maintenance, home improvementDoors often grow rough edges on the inside and the lower deck after years of use and wear. It looks bad to the eyes and aesthetically unappealing. Once the cracks and patches set in, the whole door seems to lose its beauty. It is necessary to do something before the need for a door replacement arises which can cost much to the pockets. Take a rough-grit sandpaper and start sanding the edges where it has been scratched to remove the varnish and paint. Then take a medium sandpaper and sander to even down the rough edges and areas that had been causing all the problem. Rush of traffic and opening and closing many times a day makes a door edge get prone to cracks and patches. Finally use a fine sandpaper and blow the dust with compressed air and wipe the door with a clean, dry rag. Smooth out the edges in this way to save the cost of replacing doors for some more years.

Garden office buildings: what are they?

June 23, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Repairs & renovations

Garden office, home officeGarden office buildings have become a very common trend for many people in todays’ world who wants to work from home. You may wish to work from home to avoid the daily journey, or you may want to start a new business and for that what you need is your laptop and cell phone. You can efficiently turn your garden space into your office.

This trend ensures proper usage of your home space. Suppose you have a moderately big garden where you have a timber shade. You can call the technicians to change this place into your office. You can see some of the designs in net and even you can order online the companies to decorate your space. Once you assign them, they will bring fresh timber wood, the fixtures, the structures required, the ground, everything will be constructed by them and your own home office will be ready.

Painting For Home: Prepare The Checklist

June 12, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Design, Repairs & renovations

Tips for house painting, home paintPlanning to paint your home? Then, here are few things that you must keep in mind. Surface preparation is an essential step that you must remember for the paint to last longer.

Thorough cleaning of the outer surfaces by a power wash is important which will make the surface clean and dirt free and hence it will be easy to paint it. The cracks or holes if present in any wooden piece must be sealed before painting for smooth application of the paint. If any loose paint remains even after the power wash it must be stripped out. The portions which need repairing must be done fast before applying paint. You must also properly brush the doors, boards and frames before painting. An Adhesion test is a good idea. First apply a coat of paint to a small area, then etch cross-hatches with a blade after it dries up, then put the adhesive tape over it and see whether the paint comes out when you remove the tape. If it does not come off then it is good for painting. Lastly, hire a company which gives importance to surface preparation.