DIY laminating your stairs

June 18, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Installation

Tips to laminate stairs, stairsInstalling hardwood or laminate on stairs can be time consuming and tedious. So you’re going to need a lot of patience. This is a bit different from having stair treads to install.

If you decide to do the task, the primary objectives are to cut the stair noses and treads as close as you can and make sure the treads, risers and stair nose are attached securely. A lot of time stairs have carpet on them. In this case, you are to remove the carpet. When you are preparing the stairs remove all the scrap, staples and debris of any kind. Check for any rough treads. When it comes to deciding the riser, same flooring can be used on the treads or a painted wood can be used. Some people like the stairs to be all same while others prefer to stand out the stairs with painted riser. Finally try to lower the cost of materials.

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