Factors to consider before selecting an air conditioner for small office

August 03, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Air Conditioning

Buy an air conditioner, AC for officeDo you want to buy an AC for your small office room? Well then reading this article will be helpful for you as it will discuss about sizing AC for office rooms. First of all you have to measure accurately the length and breadth of your office room so that you can state actual measures to the AC shop.

Then check out the advertisements in newspapers and internet where specific sized AC machines are recommended for small rooms. Make sure your office measurements match with it. Measuring the square footage of your office is also necessary as this will help you check out different AC appliances.

AC machines with longer BTU rating are taken in order to large rooms or areas. On the other hand different factors like sunlight, window size also affect the cooling system of an AC machine. Therefore consult these issues before buying an AC machines for your small office.

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