How to deal with your building inspector

June 22, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Construction Tips

Home inspection, home buying tipsHome inspection is a very advantageous thing and also a must for a buyer. Here I will discuss the matter from the viewpoints of both the buyers and the sellers. If you are a buyer, home inspection is very helpful for you as then you can understand the quality of the house in which you will invest a considerable part of your money. Home inspector studies every nook and corner of the house like: the paints, the basic structure of the house, the materials used to build the house, the area of the house to see whether the building is illegal or not, the electrical system, the heating system, the sewerage system, the drainage system, the leakages or any gaps in the house, the proper size of the doors and windows. Each and every corner of the house will be inspected in details which will help you to estimate the quality of the house. If the home inspector gives a positive report then you can safely buy the house. You will be safe from the deception of the seller.

Now let us discuss it from the viewpoint of a seller. If you are a seller then by no chance you can escape it. If you hesitate to allow home inspection then it will alert your buyer and if negative result comes out then also you will lose the deal on your house. So the best way is to repair the damaged portions of the house and thus not letting the inspector to issue a bad remark on your house. It will be fair and good way to repair your house before you plan to sell it.

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