Installing rubber stair treads

January 13, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Installation

rubber stair treads, stairsThe rubber stair treads are very effective means of protecting the stair cases and stair ways thereby improving the safety factor of the stairs. These rubber treads also protect the stair ways from wear and tear due to pre longed use. Improper installation of the treads may lead to accidents to the guests as well as to the property owner. There are few tips following which you can successfully end up in installing rubber stair treads.

It is very essential that the rubber treads are properly installed in the stair cases. It is advisable to use epoxy nose caulk as the adhesive for installing the treads. You should determine the imitations of the rubber treads before installing. The rubber treads are not essential for use in all types of stair cases. This may lead to skidding or accidents.

The temperature of the house should also be kept in mind. a very high temperature may lead to the damage of the rubber treads. If there is any pores of fissures on the steps then prior to installation make sure that you clean the steps properly.

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