Laminated log: understanding the advantages

August 19, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Construction Material

Laminated log, construction materialsLaminated log is one of the most popular of choices when one thinks of building a log home or a log cabin as it emits the natural exquisiteness of wooden construction. If you are thinking of opting laminated log then rest assured you have made the right decision as there are a lot of advantages of having laminated log for your log home.

Firstly laminated log is extremely durable as it is resistant to twisting, settling and warping. It gets its superior strength from the cross section fused surfaces. Laminated logs also have very good nailing characteristics and are workable when drilling and cutting. Secondly laminated logs are very easy to maintain as they are very easy to clean and are defiant to insect infestation. Laminated logs can be precut which saves time needed to construct the cabin. Lastly laminated log homes and cabins are eco-friendly, sustainable and cost-effective.

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