Maintaining vinyl siding

June 25, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Construction Material

Maintain Vinyl Sidings, home improvement tipsVinyl siding is generally maintenance free, but everything that is exposed to the environment is always prone to get dirty. There are a few steps involved in maintaining the vinyl siding.

Firstly you must rinse the vinyl siding with water using a garden hose or a spray handle with a low pressure setting. Then clean the spaces that don’t get cleaned by rinsing with a cloth pad or a soft brush. You can also use cleanser with water if need be. You may require an extension handle that is long for your second story. You must ensure that you use a biodegradable cleansing agent so that the grass and plants remain unaffected. You can use bleach and water for stubborn stains.

While cleaning you must always follow the bottom to top method. You must shield the siding on that side of your house that has trees, plants etc. otherwise the siding will warp. If there is any damaged siding you should ensure replacement. One tip that you must always remember is that you should never mix cleaning agents with bleach specially that have ammonia.

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