Advantages of granite worktops

February 12, 2014  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Indoor Construction

granite worktopsAre you on a plan to remodel your culinary space and looking for the right countertop option? Well, the home improvement market features a wide gamut of worktop options but if you are in quest of the best possible result- settle with the granite countertop. It’s to be stressed here that granite worktop are a big favorite of the interior designers given the several advantages offered by the stone.

To start with, granite is always a classy choice. It echoes the rich taste of the homeowner assuring a glam quotient for your kitchen. Most importantly, granite is a very durable option and would last for years. It doesn’t lose out on its value over time enabling you to relish the same optimum results even after years.

Granite worktop is also heat-proof. Heat is unavoidable in kitchen and so granite makes a perfect choice for your countertop. You can easily place a steaming pot on the granite surface sans the fear of it getting damaged. Besides, granite is stain resistant and scratch proof as well. Thus, it won’t be affected by soot issues and you are free to carry on all your chopping and cutting activities easily on the granite surface.

Another vital thing about granite is that it’s very sanitary by nature. You won’t need to worry here regarding any sort of bacteria contamination or mold & mildew growth on its surface. Granite stays unfazed with continuous splashes in your kitchen.

Moreover, granite ensures a simple cleaning and maintenance routine. You just need warm water & mild detergent to clean up your granite countertop. There is no need to opt for the pricey cleaning solutions here.

Now, yes, granite countertop is a costly option but when you look at the advantages the expensive factor seems actually worthy.

Avoiding Home Improvement Scams

December 29, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Construction

Home Improvement ScamsWith the very poor economy conditions scams about everything are everywhere. Home improvement is one such thing where there is a scope for money to take you off guard to his own advantage. There are a whole lot of excuses and scam techniques which are used by these scamsters. Some of them are:

There are times when a person just comes randomly knocking at your doorstep telling you how he has been working in the neighbourhood and seen that your house is in complete shackles and how a little improvement from here and there might make it as good as new. This is a complete scam and never make the mistake of falling for it.
There are times when your house contractor (not known and in most cases someone knew who you haven’t worked with before) asks for the money in full amount before the work is been started. This is a sign enough to realise that it is a scam. Usually contractors do take an amount before starting the work to buy the supplies but this amount should not exceed more than one third of the entire amount that has been agreed on.

Sometimes people come with a ‘one time offer only madam’ scam. This is where they tell you that they are giving off land or houses renovations and renewal in a much lesser amount compared to others and will therefore charge the money beforehand and offer is only for that day. Never fall for it; ask for evidence about the sales they have made and everything else and moreover never pay the amount.
Other ways of reducing these scams is never sign a document before reading it completely. Never also sign a document which has a lot of empty spaces which is told to be filled after you are done reading the document.

Common plumbing repair ideas

November 15, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Construction Tips

plumbing repair ideasPlumbing related issues might turn out to be an excruciating pain in the neck. If anything of this sort happens then it definitively creates a great deal of problems for your household. You surely don’t want it to happen with the plumbing situation of your domicile. You need to take a cautious stance in this regard. In case you are wondering how to accomplish the objective then here is enlightenment on the issue. Have a close look at the following discussion on this particular issue.

• Focus on garbage disposal- Scattered garbage might turn out to be a crucifying problem with a great deal of hassles for plumbing situation of your domicile. You need to take a cautious stance in this regard. Focus on proper garbage disposal procedures in the first place.
• Take care of the public systems- It is the public systems that happen to be an integral part of the plumbing situation of your domicile. You do need to take a watchful glance on this particular issue. You need to make it sure that this particular system is unflawed.
• Take ample care of the phantom flush- It is really important for you to do something with the phantom flush of your domicile. You do need to take a watchful glance on this particular issue. You need to make it sure that the phantom flush is intact and in perfect working order.

At the same time there are other crucial aspects to care of you. You do need to take a watchful glance on the weak flush systems, hissing toilets, clogged toilet situation, problem with the old systems as well as other ancillary issues. Make it a point that you are going to keep a close watch on these issues for sure.

How To Buy Second Hand Construction Equipments?

October 11, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Construction Tips

Construction EquipmentsConstruction is a very expensive business and in case you are into it then the wise move on your part would be to buy second hand construction equipments for your work. However, if you have enough money then you can go ahead and invest in the new construction equipments. There is a general misconception among the people that the second hand construction equipments are not of good quality. But this is not true. Sometimes you can get hold of used equipments that have excellent work quality. You must have the skill of buying the second hand construction equipments appropriately.

Firstly, you must inspect a second hand construction equipment thoroughly to check whether it is functioning in an effective way or not. The equipment should also be safe so that any major devastation while using the second hand equipment can be avoided. Along with that make sure that the seller offers you the equipment at an affordable price. The price of the second hand construction equipment has to be in accordance with the quality and present state of the equipment.

You can buy the second hand construction equipments from the local stores. With the advent of the internet, you can get hold of good deals from the various online stores as well. You can even participate in the online auctions that are held to acquire the used construction equipment which you would like to own. When you buy the second hand equipment, you must ask for the original bill and user manual from the seller. The original bill will allow you to get an idea of how long the equipment has been used earlier. On the other hand, the user manual will give you the opportunity to understand the working of the used equipment better.

Hope the above mentioned guidelines can help you in buying good second hand construction equipment.

An idea about green construction

September 14, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Green Construction

green constructionThe world at this moment is facing the biggest threat related to the environment. The environment is continuously degrading leading to the melting of glaciers and subsequent rise of sea level. Thus efforts are on to protect the environment and maintain a balance between all the components of the environment. Thus everything has become now days. By the word green, we mean eco friendliness of the particular thing. Even the construction procedure has become green or eco friendly. Starting from the construction procedure to the materials used for construction, everything has become eco friendly or green.

Due to the huge technological development, all the materials used for construction are now completely eco friendly or green. The materials are made from environment friendly items and even enough care is taken during the manufacturing of the construction materials so that it doesn’t harm the environment much. So if you also contribute in the protection of the environment, so make sure that while buying the construction materials you check whether it is environment friendly or not.

Following the advancement of the technology, the equipments used during construction procedure are also eco friendly. The equipments are calibrated in such way that they release least amount of smoke or other dust particles. Thus there is little or no chance of degradation of the environment. You can very easily use these equipments for construction even in the residential area. Also the power consumption of the construction procedure these days have decreased steadily. Thus it is definitely a greatest achievement towards environment protection. Also alternate sources of energies are now days used to run the construction procedure. So before you start any construction procedure, you can do a little research work on how make the construction completely green.

How can a basement dehumidifier help you?

June 26, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Basement Maintenance

basement dehumidifier, basementThere are many people who have problems with a leaky or damp basement. Basements are vulnerable and they tend to retains moisture more than most parts of the house. A damp basement can weaken a home’s foundation, which is always dangerous. That’s why people tend to choose various ways to clean a basement and keep it fresh and moisture free. One of the easiest ways to do so is by using a basement dehumidifier.

A dehumidifier can solve several problems for a basement. Firstly, fungal growth is common in moist basements. This can be taken care of by a dehumidifier. One can avoid respiratory problems and allergies by this. You can protect your property too. You don’t have to replace the paint or any other part of the basement again and again for humidity problems. Therefore, its basement humidifiers are also money saving for you.

Make your house an environment friendly home

June 11, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Green Construction

environment friendly homeGo green is the latest slogan that is going around the word. The earth needs humans to protect it from getting damaged and it is your job to make sure that you do your part to safe your planet. You can use some tips to make your home an eco friendly home. Here are some tips that you can use in your home to make it eco friendly.

You can set up a water reservoir in your terrace. This reservoir can store the rain water. You can use this rain water in your daily use like for gardening etc. Thus you can save water.

·         You can setup a solar geyser to heat the water. This will ensure that you save electricity.

·         Setting up solar cells in your home can be costly but it could do wonders to the environment as well as save your electricity bill.

So use these few ways to help the environment become pollution free.

How to make your home construction eco-friendly

June 02, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Green Construction

eco homes, eco home constructionEnvironmental issue is the hot cake in the whole world now. Every people are now looking for doing their own part towards the protection of the environment. This very concept has its effects in all part of our daily life.

These days, people even resort to eco friendly ideas and methods while construction their home. Now, you must be wondering how you can make your home construction eco friendly. Well, it is not a very difficult thing if you abide by some few simple rules.

First of all make sure that the materials you use for the construction purpose are completely environment friendly. Those materials should not in any way cause harm to the environment. Also adopt environmental friendly ways for the construction. The machines and equipments should not release too much of smoke.

You can also make arrangements so that the all the electrical energy necessary for the construction process is harnessed from the solar energy thereby contributing to the protection of the environment.

Repairing your stone wall: some easy tips

May 06, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Repairs & renovations

Repairing your stone wallIf you have stone wall in your house, then you should take proper care of it. Maintaining a stone wall properly is a very important thing that you should consider doing. Many times you may come across problems regarding cracks and damages in your stone wall. In that case you should take immediate steps to repair the damages in your stone wall.

There are many ways in which you can repair your stone wall. Prior to the repairing, you need to find out the reasons or the causes of the damage. If the damage is nothing serious and a small one, then you simply repair it by applying some sort of adhesive or pudding. Normally color blends are also available to match the color and texture of your stone wall.

However in case of a deep and grave damage and cracks, you need to take help of some expert as you can’t repair it on your own. A separate mixture has to be prepared that is applied in the crack to fill it up. Preparing the mixture is very difficult as a simple mistake can make destroy the complete mixture. Once the crack is filled, you may need to go for a polishing or a coat of paint on the wall.

How to construct a barbeque pit

April 18, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Construction Tips

barbeque pit, construction tipsIf you are a foodie and love barbeque, put up a barbeque pit at your house. Constructing a barbeque is not difficult at all.
You will require a measuring tape, a leveler, a shovel, a hand tamp, a grill top, water, dry mortar, gravel, a grill top, metal braces and bricks. First, mark the area where you want your barbeque pit. Then, dig a pit. Then, level the area using the hand tamp. You need to make the bricks wet. Spread gravel inside the pit and level it. Next, mix the dry mortar with water and do not let it go dry. Put a layer of the wet mortar on the gravel and level it. Place the cinder blocks on the mortar and level them using the leveler. Put the mortar on the blocks and place the bricks and make the wall. At last, place the metal braces on the bricks using the mortar.