Pros And Cons Of Flat Roof

December 22, 2016  //  Posted by: Buildcon Inc  //  Category: Roofing
Pros and cons of flat roofs

Advantages and disadvantages of flat roofs

There are plenty of types of roofs but the one which is most controversial is flat roof. Such roofs are basically used on outbuildings are large buildings. Flat roofs are very good and have several pros but on the same hand it also has its own set of issues.  Hence if you are considering flat roof as your new roofing option then you must know about them in detail. Roofing is great decision about home and you cannot take chance to make any mistake. It’s not like paint or any piece of furniture wherein if disaster happens, you can change it easily. Roofing is a big deal and hence while making the final decision, you need to make proper research and check out whether flat roof will be suitable for your residence or not. Here are some of the pros and cons of flat roof which will help you know whether you can install it at your home or not.

Pros of flat roof

One of the biggest pros of flat roof is that it is less expensive. When it comes to the materials or let’s says initial building cost or let’s says installation method, everything is just within the budget. Flat roofs are much affordable and even the maintenance of flat roof is also easy. The maintenance and upkeep of flat roof is also much easy and affordable. One of other biggest advantages of having flat roof installed in your home is that now you can make use of flat roof once it is done. You can also place your air conditioning unit on the terrace and save the indoor space. It will also make your home to look larger. You can also go for installing solar panels on your roof if you are opting for flat roofs. You can also make a roof garden on the top of the roof or you can also go for designing a living roof. The chances of using a flat roof are endless and this can be one of the greatest benefits of having flat roof in your home.

Cons of flat roof

Major disadvantage of installing flat roof is its drainage which probably lacks thereof. Flat roofs do drain properly but not as much as that of other types of roof. Hence water is having the tendency to puddle and remain just on the roof. This can lead to breakage of roofing materials and it can also lead to leaks and basically along the seams. Another con is of the lacking of the options of roofing materials. Majority of the flat roof makes use of the EPDM, TPO, rolled roofing or the bitumen. All these things are comparatively very much costly and it is also pretty much easy to install. But majority of them have very limited life of 10 to 15 years. Rubber shingles can be made available which can be installed in conjunction along with rolled rubber roofing. Many new materials are also introduced like PVC roofing, polycarbonate roofing which are designed to last for long time but they are very costly and there is no guarantee for how long they will last.

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