Straw bale constructions explained

June 03, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Construction Material

Straw bale constructions, construction meterialStraw bales are made from straws of rice, wheat, rye or oats. They are used for building constructions specially the natural and the green houses. They are good structurally and best as insulation components. They are comparatively preferred over the other conventional components for the cheap price, easy installation and availability and the insulation benefits. But a basic disadvantage is space requirement. History has witnessed straw bales as construction material and there have been huge demands globally. But actually straw bales were not used instead hay were baled and used but straw were coupled with it and then the hay were plastered.

While constructing with straw bales, a wooden structural foundation is erected and then the bales are stacked against each other using wooden or bamboo pins and then plastered from outside. The foundation works as a moisture barrier, sometimes timber or lumber are also used. This is hybrid bale construction. Pre-compressed straw bales are structurally sturdier than the straw bales.

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