What is blue lumber?

June 30, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Construction Material

Facts about Blue Lumber, Blue LumberFor building houses, lumber is often colored with the shade of the homeowner’s preference, but blue lumber is not just colored blue. The lumber is treated and is called bluwood as well. Bluwood is actually a wood protection process where a blue film is coated over the wood to protect it from seepages and also from termite and other insect attack. Blue lumber comes pretreated and can be nailed, sawed, cut and structured just like any other wood. Because of the quick milling process that occurs these days, wood is prone to lose moisture and cupping, splitting and curling. Blue lumber has a vapor barrier and an insecticide coating that prevents any of these from happening. Hence blue lumber is very effective for the framing of houses as it gives a strong protection from insects and termites as well as against natural wear and tear.

So if you want a beautiful blue house that attracts everyone’s eyes and give you a relaxed house maintenance scheme, choose the unique blue lumber.

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